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A Reason To Kill (2013)

by Michael Kerr(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
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DI Matt Barnes
review 1: There's plenty of action in this tale of mob violence and hired killers. The 'hero' in this case being an officer shot whilst guarding a witness against the mob. As he recovers he becomes obsessed with tracking down the killer of his fellow officers, and even manages to fall in love with the 'profiler' brought in to help. It's certainly fast paced stopping only, and oddly, to give a short biography of an old lady who's incidental to the story, before continuing once again at that fast pace. All round a good read and the first in a series. Whether D.I. Matt Barnes will be a serious contender for the crown of 'Rebus', or even 'Tom Thorne', only time will tell.
review 2: An entertaining but sometimes bizarre book. Though the author is British and the book is set
... morein London, there are a lot of American influences and lots of American English in the book which makes it a bit confusing at times. The fact that the author tries to bring American style gangsters to London as well is also a bit far-fetched and confusing at times. That said, it did keep my attention and make me want to read to the end. less
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really enjoyed this would have been 4.5 if that was available will buy next 2
Pretty good - worth reading some of his other books.
First book of 2014 and one I enjoyed.
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