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Dead Or Alive (2008)

by Michael McGarrity(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
0525950818 (ISBN13: 9780525950813)
Dutton Adult
Kevin Kerney
review 1: While the subject matter was rather gruesome throughout the story (psychopath serial killer)the book as a whole was simply another fine Michael McGarrity novel. I enjoyed the process of Kerney and his son Clayton coming to know and respect one another. This was a 2009 publication and currently marks the end of the series even though the book itself closes with connections for a further novel. After this book McGarrity embarked on a trilogy covering the history of the Kerney family and the first two of them were excellent - according to his website he is currently working on that last book of the trilogy, titled "The Last Ranch" and due out in 2016.
review 2: Not one of McGarrity's best. The plot is a manhunt story. You know from the beginning who the bad guy
... moreis. McGarrity spends a lot of ink showing us just how bad a baddie he is--rather too much ink, I thought. And the baddie is not very clever--the police are always nipping at his heels. The excitement doesn't really kick in until the baddie and the cops are stalking each other through the wilderness. less
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One of the enjoyable books in this series. I try never to miss one.
A little more gory that his others. I can't wait for the next one
I LOVE all of the NM trivia included in McGarrity's books!!
Modern lawman mystery set in New Mexico.
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