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Unrest (2012)

by Michelle Harrison(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
0857070916 (ISBN13: 9780857070913)
Simon & Schuster UK
review 1: Elliott is a seventeen-year-old boy who survived a dramatic accident. Since then he has had trouble sleeping. And since the accident he is experiencing strange things, like seeing shadows at night and also having out of body experiences. Is he going mad or what is really going on? Why does he has this gift/curse? I wanted to read this book 'cause I like fantasy books with supernatural elements and I'm a big fan of horror. But even though this book is really short, I found it hard to get through 'cause I think it was really slow paced and I didn't care about the characters much. All in all it was for me a boring read. This genre needs something new 'cause I've read a lot of similar books before. Nothing special.
review 2: Quite disappointed with Unrest, I'll adm
... moreit. It had the potential to be an excellent, mind-boggling story but went in the other direction. The writing was splendid, there was nothing wrong with the quality to which Harrison writes, however it was the storyline that was the final "nail in the coffin". At times I felt the book lose pace and slow to a crawl, and then pick up speed before slowing down again. I found that in my mind I was creating an alternative story when the book went a way I didn't want to go. I've read a couple of suspense-type books and this, I have to say truthfully, wasn't one of the best. There is no doubt, however, that Harrison is a fantastic writer with a lot of talent. less
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Ghosts, out-of-body experiences, possession, and a love story! Good light read.
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