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Madman Atomic Comics, Volume 1 (2008)

by Mike Allred(Favorite Author)
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1582409161 (ISBN13: 9781582409160)
Image Comics
Madman Atomic Comics
review 1: How did it come to this? I hated these so much that I quit reading the original series when it was coming out, despite Madman previously having been one of my favorite comics ever. Then after a while I felt bad, because the last half of this series were the only Madman stuff I'd never read. I picked up what I'd missed, but quickly realized I'd need to go back and reread from the beginning, which was a terrible idea.These are so bad that I not only got angry a second time when re-reading them, but after finishing the entire run I actually liked Madman less than I had before this even existed.Awful.
review 2: that's not the right cover! whatever. yeah, so even tho i loved these monthly issues as they came out, sometimes i was still a little lost. but getting
... more them all in the trade, and reading straight though, man...allred's brain, imagination...ah!! it's a little more out there than the 90's madman, but still nothing else on the shevels like it. and look at laura's colors. man-alive!! love it. big time love it. less
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this maybe the best illustrated comic series i've ever seen
More great Allred collaboration.
mind. blown.
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