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Drone (2013)

by Mike Maden(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 5
0399167382 (ISBN13: 9780399167386)
Putnam Adult
Troy Pearce
review 1: This is one action packed novel about an agent who loves to get himself involved in many sticky situations. Meet Troy Pearce, a "Private American Citizen" working out of his trailer. This guy can do it all; his way of words is like no other. If you are into modern-day weapons, along with just a great book in general this is for you. Based in a futuristic time period after President Obama's term comes to a close, the first female president, President Myers becomes the new commander and chief. Will she be able to handle the extreme difficulties of being criticized for each and every move she makes? Will Troy try to help her cause in the United States? Find out by reading Drone.
review 2: A fast paced over the top novel that taps into drug lords, terrorism and the
... more various aspects of modern government drone technology. The author assures us the everything portrayed in the book is either currently available to out government or in development. The plot evolves from an incident in which two sons of a Mexican drug lord unknowing kill the son of the president. The first lady president feels obligated (not just because her son was involved) to dish out some punishment and retaliates. This starts a series of retaliations that eventually lead to a terrorist group from Iran. This is more a fantasy as just the power alone that the president exhibits would never be possible in our day of government gridlock - It might be what you wished she could do but some of the stuff here is enjoyable but over the top. You don't have to be into technology to enjoy the book. less
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Great Thriller about America's newest warfare using drones to save America and the World!!!
Quick read but it just keeps getting more outrageous as you read it.
I was looking for the next Vince Flynn. This is not it.
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