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A Biblioteca Das Sombras (2007)

by Mikkel Birkegaard(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 2
Porto Editora
review 1: I selected this book from the shelf as it provided me with an immediate mental connection to Zafon's Cemetery of Forgotten Books trilogy. That may be the reason for my rating only being a 3 instead of a 4...Birkegaard is not Zafon; he cannot create the mental imagery that sucks you so completely into the novel in the way that Zafon can. Whether this is due to the skill level of his translator, it is hard to say; but whilst the concept of Lectors (people able to influence readings through one means or another) is a wonderful concept it was not as convincing as it could have been.That is not to say that the novel is a complete wash-out, it isn't; it moves along at the right pace for a thriller and it reaches a suitable climax. However, I found that the twists were too well i... morendicated - more slight bends in the road with 100 metres of chevrons leading up to them - and there was little enlightening from the literary history aspect. Birkegaard is not on a par with Umberto Eco as far as weaving historical aspects of literature into his work is concerned (having said that, I found Eco's 'The Prague Cemetery' to be one of the best soporifics on the market).But when all is said and done this is a good novel for literature-focused thriller escapsim. I would love to have the power of a transmitting Lector and create compelling pictures in the minds of listeners when I read a book out loud, and because of this wonderful idea it receives the rating it does.
review 2:
Nel cuore di Copenaghen c'è una libreria antiquaria con un curioso nome italiano: "I libri di Luca". Quando Luca Campelli, il proprietario, muore di morte improvvisa e violenta, il negozio passa al figlio Jon, un promettente avvocato che da anni non aveva più contatti col padre. Nello scantinato della libreria, dopo il funerale, Jon apprende dal vecchio commesso Iversen un segreto: Luca era stato a capo di una Società Bibliofila e dei cosiddetti Lectores, persone dotate del potere di influenzare gli altri mediante la lettura. Un giorno il negozio subisce un attentato incendiario: la morte di Luca è forse legata alla lotta di potere all'interno della Società Bibliofila? C'è un traditore fra i Lectores? O qualcuno desideroso di acquisire i loro eccezionali poteri? A Jon il compito di venire a capo del mistero...
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Nice enjoyable read. Climax was a little dissapointing though.
I am reading it in Spanish and I am loving it so far
Loved this book!
loved it
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