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Caged Heat (2013)

by Milly Taiden(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
Etopia Press
Black Meadow Pack
review 1: When it comes to reading Milly's books I read them in one sitting (well I read most books in one sitting but Milly's I REALLY read in one sitting.) Riel sweet babies on Jesus I loved that man, he's alwas pys flirty, "you can look all you want, darling." He grinned." It's apparent that he'd do anything for Sam some tasks more than others (typical man) "years? Baby, don't worry, I'll make it so good for you it'll be like you never left." He has patience and I think after five years of waiting he might be running out on it, but I applaud him for allowing Sam to make up her own mind about how she would like their future to go, and of course he's joyful for what she chooses, "thank god. I don't know how much longer I could have waited. I mean I could've waited as long as you ne... moreeded, but I've been dying to stake my claim. You're mine."
review 2: Yummy Shifter Crack! In this book we meet Samira, a very strong and likable heroine who arrives back in the US after 5 years teaching in impoverished communities. Unfortunately, while she was gone, she also lost her beloved grandmother who leaves her pretty much everything. Add in a hot next door neighbor who happens to be her mate, a group of despicable relatives who all hate her and want her money, and some murder attempts and you have a super fun shifter read that will keep you glued to your ereader. less
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Shifter sex, shifter sex, and more shifter sex :)"
Awesome Book!
3.5 stars
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