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Płatki Z Nieba (2011)

by Mingmei Yip(Favorite Author)
3.02 of 5 Votes: 4
8377990970 (ISBN13: 9788377990971)
Świat Książki
review 1: Certainly not my favorite book of all time. Mainly, the main characters don't resonate well with me. I appreciate the author's portrayal of the search. The main characters are all seeking Zen mind, and don't seem to realize how disconnected they are from themselves and one another. That resonates. Unfortunately, the love story at the center of the novel seems superficial; I just didn't believe them.
review 2: Quotable:Mother believed all women’s unhappiness was caused by men in one way or another.Although I didn’t know her well enough to judge, Dai Nam gave me the impression more of an escapist than a seeker.Our lives are like shadows fleeting past the splendors of this floating world.My friend looked completely enthralled by the diversity and animation of
... morethe market. Her large eyes took in everything. Her pink lips let out excited oohs and aahs. So young and energetic, she really should have had some fun in the secular world before entering the nunnery, I wondered what made her become a nun at such a young age and whether she ever felt regret. Had she ever tasted the flavor of being with a man she loved?It is pointless to reject the world, hoping to escape samsara – suffering. All we can do is keep to our ordinary mind. less
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In this fiction piece, I like learning about Buddhism from a Chinese female perspective.
Nice thought just took a bit long to get there for me. (Free for Kindle)
AKU SUKA BANGET BUKU INI!!!Gratisan dari Windy. Makasih yah!...*hugs*
dapet pinjeman dari kak roos..
Soap opera
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