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I’ll Take New York (2014)

by Miranda Dickinson(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Strange I read this book while spending Christmas/New Year in Stockholm. Just picked it off the shelf at the airport -off to NY in Easter...I was looking for an easy, chick-lit book to get me back in reading mode after a long pause. It did the job: I finished it, it was barely ok in therm of chick-lit. Read much better ones.I found the book full of cliches and clearly trying to emulate scenes like in major Hollywood romantic blockbusters.Didn't work for me...
review 2: This was a super fun book to read!! Miranda Dickinson is a magnificent story-teller. I am typically not a fan of books over 400 pages. Those stories tend to lag quite a bit, and I get bored. With that said; Miranda Dickinson’s story-telling never lagged so I was never bored, EVER! I dare y
... moreou to read this story without smiling, and flipping the pages as fast as I did!Not to ruin the fun for you, I will only share how the story begins, and introduce a few characters:Bea James and her family were all invited to meet for dinner at a local restaurant. Bea’s boyfriend, Otis invited her entire family for dinner, and stated that he had something important to say to Bea. Proposal would be the obvious guess….yet, after 2 agonizing hours of waiting for Otis…he never shows up at the restaurant. He never calls. He never arrives. This was typical “Otis” behavior, but Bea decided she was finished with his behaviors; once and for all. She was going to break up with him. The 5 years she spent with him was long enough.Jake Steinmann’s wife is asking for a divorce, so he leaves San Francisco behind to head back to his true home, New York City. While he is setting up his psychiatric office, and reeling from his divorce with Jessica, Jake decides to throw an Engagement Party for his brother, Ed and his fiancée Rosie. At the Engagement Party, Jake meets Bea. Jake offers to help out the caterer and tend the bar, since they are short staffed. Bea and Jake introduce themselves to one another and have idle chit-chat. Once they learn of each other’s fresh break-ups they make a pact to never date again. They seal the “Pact” with a “pinky swear”!That “Pact” fuels this entire story! The cast of characters is amazing, but I was in love with Bea’s Grandma, Dot. Her letters to Bea could be another story Miranda will need to tell. (hint, hint) These letters and emails were golden. Bea’s relationship with her Grandma was quite beautiful, and their writings definitely pulled at my heart-strings.These pages are full of fun people, fun events, and fun places. Bea and her friend Russ own a Bookshop, Ed and Rose own a Flower Shop, and Jake opens his office.I adored this story…I loved the bookshop and flower shop….I loved everything. This story is a must read for any chick lit gal out there…even if you are scared off by thick books….I will no longer be intimidated! J Miranda Dickinson proved that I was wrong!I need to read her other books, especially the story that precedes this one. If you did not read the unofficial prequel, “Fairytale of New York”, do not worry; because this story stands alone. I am sure you will be happy to have read this heartwarming story.And, one last thing I have to add….Magnificent Cover.5 Stars. Pinky Swear! less
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I enjoyed this book, liked the story told from the viewpoint of the two main characters
wasnt my fav book that i have read of maranda but was good
I absolutely loved this book, and all the characters :)
A lovely enjoyable read.
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