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Ciuman Itu (2011)

by Miranda Dickinson(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: This was my first reading of a Miranda Dickinson novel, which I chose for it's Christmas theme. I really liked the detail of the band/wedding venues that they had to play at - particularly the one which had them dressed in ridiculous medieval costumes - the humour in this section was great, and I thought the relationship between the band as a whole came across well. However, while I was attracted to the premise of the book and Romily's 'will they/wont they' relationship with Charlie, I was a bit disappointed with the rushed ending. It felt so flat after making such a big hoo-haa of her year long quest to find 'PK.' Plus, like some other readers have mentioned, her aunt and uncle annoyed me too, as did the whole cakes issue!
review 2: I give this book 2.5 stars.
... moreI picked this book up due to the Christmas season, I felt like reading something with a bit of Christmas cheer. I was a little wrong however, as there wasn't actually that much Christmas in the book.I will start that I did love Romily, and not just because of her beautiful name. She showed strength when she was honest with Charlie about how she felt and throughout the year, she never allowed anything to stop her hope in believing she would find PK. The character who annoyed me however, was Charlie. So a great girl admits her love for him, he's a complete jerk and then within weeks, he's acting like he's love with her....and then it takes him almost a whole year to finally admit he might have feelings for her. Like, how can you like someone with no backbone like that...I lost a lot of respect for him.I guessed that Romily and Charlie would try to make things work between them but I didn't expect what happened to happen. I wish there was a little more between Will and Romily at the end, like even an epilogue of the Christmas after that with them together, or engaged or something. Overall, not a bad book but dont't expect too much from it. less
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It was actually quiet boring at times and I had to skip some parts but overall not bad..
Really nice surprise ending!
oh yeah..best!!
Not very good
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