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Die Wunderbare Welt Der Rosie Duncan Roman (2010)

by Miranda Dickinson(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
3453408020 (ISBN13: 9783453408029)
review 1: Bu kitabı seneler önce okumuştum o zamanlar yaşım daha da küçüktü tabii ve hatırladığım kadarıyla ben bu kitabı beğenmiştim. Sonunda şaşırdığımı hatırlıyorum sanki yine de emin değilim. Bu kitaptan önce neredeyse sürekli fantastik okuyordum, başka tür gözüm görmüyordu ama bunu bir arkadaş sayesinde okuyunca gerçekten kitaplar alemine daldığımı hissetmiştim. O vampirlerden ya da tanrıçalardan farklı bir dünya keşfetmiştim ve bu bizim içinde bulunduğumuz bir dünyaydı. Bu kitabı bir göz açılması, bir aydınlanma olarak nitelemek doğru olabilir :DDediğim gibi çok çok uzun zaman önce okudum şimdi okusam belki beğenmem bile ama özel bir hatırası olduğu için özellikle yorum yapmak istedim.
review 2:
... more Before I start, I'd like to preface this review with an apology to the author: apparently this book is her 'dream come true'. Therefore sharing my thoughts on it will be like telling someone their baby is ugly. But if I can't be honest with you Goodreads, then what hope is there?I have a policy of always (well, 99.9% of the time) finishing a book once I start it. After the first few pages of this book, I regretted that policy. And when, a few dozen pages or so in, I reached the obligatory 'friend' telling the main character, Rosie, that she 'needed a man', I wanted to weep tears of blood. My hatred turned to carbolic loathing.This book is full of cliches: the stereotype friends, bumping into one of the love interests 'unexpectedly', the 'oh we love you crazy Brits' pronouncements from the American characters. Bleugh. And there were endless monologues about New York itself, which I'm sure the author found illuminating, but didn't seem to get that people already know that stuff - even if you haven't been there, people 'know' New York as its influence is ubiquitous. It just came across as smug. Also, there was a lot of 'but that was all about to change' and 'little did I know...' at the end of chapters, but NOTHING HAPPENED. There was no story! Rosie's big reveal about her 'past' - which she hinted at for long enough - was one huge yawn and a 'is that it?' I'm sure it was awful for her, but it's not like she covered herself in peanut butter and had a fifteen hooker gangbang on You Tube and her mum saw it. Ugh - cliched, and hackneyed.The book is a mess. It needs to be rewritten and restructured - cut out all the pointless fluff and Lonely Planet guidebook stuff, and tell us what the story is. If there isn't one, then go write another book that has one. And please, please, don't have your main character say 'mate' all the time just because she's British. No one speaks like that, except cliched characters. And therein lies the problem. less
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There is no clever review for this book. I found it utterly enjoyable & it simply must be read..
fantastic book really enjoyed it full of twists and plots and surprises
Pure fluffy escapism.
Not great
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