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Breathe, Annie, Breathe (2014)

by Miranda Kenneally(Favorite Author)
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1402284799 (ISBN13: 9781402284793)
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review 1: This is my second Miranda Kenneally book. The first one I read was "Racing Savannah" a few weeks ago. Normally I like to read a series in order, but my library had the last two ebooks available while the first three were checked out. Seeing how they're loosely connected instead of linear, I just went for it instead. Good decision, as it turns out! I really enjoy Kenneally's style of writing. It's very easy, readable, and empathetic. I was able to feel for Annie and for the other characters. While I'm not sure the love interest Jere makes smart decisions, he was still likable. Mostly, I just enjoyed reading about Annie and her running quest (something that I'm trying to work on, myself!). I enjoyed reading about her, and even if the love interest hadn't been in it, the book... more would still have worked. Luckily, I already have the first three ebooks on my Kindle, so I'm going to go back and read them. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this author's future books. Her characters support each other and they feel real. Can't get any better than that!
review 2: Guilt is an incredibly powerful force, whether it's justified or not. Annie's full of it, certain that if she had made a different choice, Kyle would still be alive. They were in love, but he wanted her to marry him right after high school. Annie wanted to wait until she was at least partly through college. They broke up, got back together and then Kyle died. Annie's convinced it was her fault. To atone and honor Kyle's memory, she's going to train until she's strong enough to run the Music City Marathon, something he was going to do. She's nowhere close to being in that kind of shape, so she pays Matt to train her. His claim to fame is that he's never trained a quitter. Early on, Annie's sure that she'll break that streak. Between wheezing and throwing up when she pushes herself or irritates her stomach by taking the wrong anti-inflammatory, pretty much every session is torture. When Matt's younger brother, Jeremiah, meets her when he's doing one on one training for another of his brother's clients, it's as though they're opposite poles on a couple magnets. Both of them are freaked out by how intense the physical attraction is. Annie's more conflicted than ever. She's still grieving Kyle, but can't stop thinking about Jeremiah. He has his own baggage. His mom kicked him out because he'd become an adrenaline junkie and his impulsive behaviors and risk taking were scaring the whole family. As Annie's stamina increases, her desire to be around Jeremiah grows. They ease closer, but it's nothing like an easy ride for either of them. It's that bumpy ride that makes this a compelling read. Yes, there's some sexual content, but it's well overshadowed by the romance, gritty determination and gradual realization by Annie that guilt isn't doing her a whole lot of good. In the process of getting to that realization, she begins to let people back in her life and allow herself to start really feeling once more. less
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I stayed up till 1am to finish this. *teenage struggles*
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