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My Summer Of Wes (2010)

by Missy Welsh(Favorite Author)
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1607378337 (ISBN13: 9781607378334)
Loose Id LLC
Wes & Mal
review 1: Well that was absolutely fucking adorable!I don't know why it took me so long to finally give up and read this book. Oh wait, yes I do....THAT UGLY FREAKING COVER! This book is great. The characters all seem "real" and the story plausible. If only a Wes had swept me off my feet when I was 18. *sigh*If there's anyone out there who hasn't already read this years ago, I would recommend it.
review 2: This book was surprisingly hot for an NA. I would definitely call it an erotica, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting more of a coming of age story, which it was also but not the focus.This was also very romantic. Wes and Mal were great together and I loved how they took care of each other. Sometimes Mal felt silly because Wes babied him so much, but I thought it
... morewas very sweet. Especially during the scene after Mal got beat up. It's because they started out as friends and those kinds of romances are just the best. I also really liked seeing those who were sympathetic and helped them, such as the paramedic, the cop, and the nurse. I am glad that this story covered more of a time period than I had at first expected, and we got to see a bit more of what became of them and how strong their relationship grew. Especially when you read the short Spring Fling story along with it. My only complaint is that I wish Mal had told his parents. I know that they would have been assholes about it, but I still feel bad for Wes. He didn't mind, but I find it hard to believe that it didn't bother him at least a little. less
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sexy. interesting. funny. sweet. and full of summer:)
Call me naive but that was more porny than I thought.
Worse cover ever but the contents was super awesome.
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