Standalone Sunday || Fixing Delilah

It’s time for this week’s Standalone Sunday! Standalone Sunday is a weekly meme created by Megan @ Book Slayer Reads to feature books not part of a series that you’ve either read or want to read. It’s super fun and easy to join in.

Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler

Things in Delilah Hannaford’s life have a tendency to fall apart.

She used to be a good student, but she can’t seem to keep it together anymore. Her “boyfriend” isn’t much of a boyfriend. And her mother refuses to discuss the fight that divided their family eight years ago. Falling apart, it seems, is a Hannaford tradition.

Over a summer of new friendships, unexpected romance, and moments that test the complex bonds between mothers and daughters, Delilah must face her family’s painful past. Can even her most shattered relationships be pieced together again?

Rich with emotion, Sarah Ockler delivers a powerful story of family, love, and self-discovery.

I think Sarah Ockler is such an underrated contemporary author. All her books are so engrossing and heartbreaking and full of self discovery and shippable romances, and yet I never hear her talked about. This book is no different, except it has one of my weaknesses as well: family secrets. I’m awful at guessing them because mine are always way too extreme and weird, but I’m a sucker for reading them. Plus, childhood friends turned romance??? What a deal maker. And ugh, when families fight and are put back together?? This is a surefire way to make me cry, which I love. And Delilah is funny and relatable and a pretty good narrator, so read this book! yeah.

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