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Thank You, Master (2012)

by M.J. Aleese(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
Pink Flamingo Publications
Inferno Connection
review 1: Juliana Sells is a psychologist who listens to many women talk about their BDSM lifestyle. She doesn't understand why they choose it for themselves and tries to encourage them to have equality with their Masters.Juliana is currently giving Detective Derek Terrill mandated therapy sessions due to a police shooting he was involved in. At their last session Derek can tell or at least hopes that Juliana is a natural submissive. He calls her out on it and basically orders her to meet him at his hotel later that evening. This is when Juliana's journey into a master/slave relationship unfolds.There are no hearts and flowers with this book. M.J. Aleese shows you what a real master/slave relationship is like. This type of lifestyle is not for me so some of the scenes were hard for... more me to stomach. Yet at the same time I was able to understand why Juliana needed it in her life. Some women need to be able to submit and give someone else complete control of themselves and that is exactly what Juliana needed to make her happy which in turn made her Master happy. Throughout the book I just kept hoping that Juliana and Derek would have a HEA!If you do not like reading about hardcore BDSM relationships then this book is not for you. However, if you do like to read about them then this book will not disappoint!
review 2: THis is a story of Dr. Julia Sells, a psychologist who spends most of her day listening to her patients who are women in BDSM relationships and she wonders why anyone wold want to be in that relationship which then causes her to remember back to her own one time experience with a professor. Derrick is a detective that shot a perpetrator in order to save a young girls life during a robbery and now has to go through sessions with Dr. Sells. As he finishes up his last session he makes an offer to Julia, although she is a strong willed woman he has an attraction to her and wants to make her his submissive.Intrigued Julis takes him up on his offered and is introduced to the world of BDSM/ Slavery and goes through a hard core training with Derrick.The book was written and edited edited well and is a quick read. This was my first time reading this type of book, it contains some scenes that are very hard core BDSM, much more than some of the popular BDSM books out right now but if you love hard core BDSM, you will enjoy this book less
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1.5 Very much in the vain I'm the Master, get on your knees not my favourite kind of D/s
Good Lord this is graphic! Even the mature mind will giggle and blush and make faces.
Damn it.!! I can't wait to read this book. It looks amazing ;)
This was a little too harsh and cruel for me.
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