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Liquid Regret (2000)

by M.J. Carnal(Favorite Author)
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Liquid Regret
review 1: First off. That cover. Sigh, that cover. I really wanted to like this book. Like REALLY like it. I just couldn't connect to it. I found myself at 50% still thinking it lacked something but I couldn't say what it was missing. I just never connected to the characters and didn't really care when one died. Now that's sad. Being as I bought six books by this author I'll obviously try another. The damn cover drew me in.
review 2: We first meet Damien or D Rey in MJ Carnal's last Moretti book Untamed when we find out he's Steve's long lost cousin. We get a glimpse at his past and his personality - enough that we wanted more. So we got it! We also met Lily's sister Mia who had a thing for Damien. But we are left wondering what's going to happen between the two because
... moreDamien does on tour.Liquid Regret picks up quite some time after and we soon realize that neither has forgotten about the other. However, bad choices have caused Damien to now fake an engagement. It doesn't seem like he and Mia can ever catch a break. Their love story is beautifully written. In Liquid Regret we get to meet the rest of the band and fall in love with them. My favorite is Harley. I hate spoilers so I have to be super careful about what I say but there is a twist that I did not see coming and holy smokes I was left broken. I still can't believe it. I really enjoyed this book. Carnal has another hit series on her hands!! less
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this is a really good story! I loved it and can't to read more about this group of people
I liked this... Will continue on with the series. Found new author alert!!
A quick, hot read that I couldn't put down.
good quick read
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