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Simply, Mine (2000)

by M.L. Gardner(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This was alright, fairly pleasant but nothing life changing nor anything emotional. Plot is kind of old with BFF's that have feelings for each other but they're both too stubborn and prideful to admit it. It was pretty quick read and the story moved at moderate pace but it was a little boring. Although I empathize with both character's living situation and the lives they live, it wasn't strong enough to really pull me in and grip me at my heart. But, this was still fairly pleasant as a novella and I'd recommend if you've got a couple of hours to kill.
review 2: (Source: Downloaded for free from amazon.co.uk.)17-year-old Meagan and Jake have been best friends forever. They both live in a trailer park with their less than reliable parents, and spend most of th
... moreeir time looking after other people than looking after themselves.Now that they are seniors they need to consider what they will be doing next year, and where their futures could take them. Meagan is resigned to getting a part time job to put herself through some sort of higher education, whilst Jake thinks that his only option is to join the army.Meagan doesn’t want Jake to join the army, but he doesn’t seem to be listening to her, because she isn’t saying the only thing that he wants to hear that will stop him from joining the army – that she loves him.What does the future hold for Meagan and Jake? Can either of them leave their parents and get on with their lives? And will Meagan ever realise how she truly feels about Jake?This was a good YA contemporary romance, about two teens trying to battle their way out of the trailer park that is their lives.I felt really sorry for both Meagan and Jake in this book. Meagan’s mother was absolutely disgusting, and the way she treated her three kids was just awful. All she wanted was for Meagan to quit school, get a job, and buy her a new TV, and most of the time Meagan was more of a mother to her younger brother and sister than her mother was. Her mother blamed everything on Meagan, even things that weren’t her fault and it was really unfair.Jake likewise had problems with his father who was ex-army and suffered from PTSD. The storyline in this book was pretty good. Both Meagan and Jake wanted to do something with their lives rather than spending it in the trailer park, but neither really had the means to make that happen. Jake and Meagan argued quite a lot over his plan to join the army, and I could really see both sides of the argument – Jake saw it as a way to get an education, whilst Meagan saw it as something that would put his life in danger. It was really difficult to see what the solution really was for this pair.The romance storyline was okay, but Meagan really had no idea that she loved Jake, and so we saw each of them going out with someone else, basically just to make the other jealous, so this romance was more of finding their way to each other, rather than the love that came after.There was a reasonably happy ending in this one though which was good.Overall; a good YA contemporary romance story. 6.5 out of 10. less
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they wasted so much time with jealousy and pettiness and she really didn't even know how she felt
It was cool. The plot moved at a nice pace. Not too fast or too slow. Perfect.
AKA Simply, Mine. Was okay. Decent storyline, good writing...
It was pretty good for a while, then ended way too abruptly.
Short but a nice read I will defo read the 2nd book.
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