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La Ardilla Miedosa Por La Noche (2013)

by Mélanie Watt(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 1
8492702893 (ISBN13: 9788492702893)
review 1: I will admit I had to look up some words from this book while reading. I think that speaks to possible vocabulary lessons for Spanish language learners (as opposed to my limited Spanish vocabulary, right?). My favorite effect of sleeplessness was a lack of reflexes where Scaredy Squirrel can't even catch a leaf floating by. Too funny. And those raccoons! You'll just have to read the book to find out...Possible uses: vocabulary development, healthy choices (getting enough sleep), FUN!Best for readers from 4 years-2nd grade (maybe 3rd?)
review 2: Overall, I enjoyed this hilarious story about Scaredy Squirrel and his fear of nighttime. His elaborate plans and antics are clever like the other books. However, I have a few minor complaints and am wavering between 3 a
... morend 4 stars. (1) Why is the unicorn's horn on its snout and not on top of its head? I don't understand. (2) Horoscopes in a kids book? Couldn't it be something else? I would prefer not to expose young children to horoscopes; maybe that's just me. (3) The story wraps up too quickly. So, Scaredy Squirrel conveniently forgets about his nighttime fears at the end? Too neat of an ending; I don't buy his transformation. less
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Another great installment in the reliably good Scaredy Squirrel series.
Very fun book, maybe a bit too involved for preschool story time.
Funny book! Good night time story!
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