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The Return Of The Butterfly (2014)

by Moni Mohsin(Favorite Author)
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Social Butterfly
review 1: I had great fun reading this book; I giggled poring over its pages. Tho I was running the serious risk of forgetting English language, since there are lot of puns and 'misuse' of language. Also, it is Hinglish, actually Punjlish - a mix of Punjabi and English as north-Indians speak.However, butterfly as we know is a dimwit, rich Pakistani woman who lives with her husband Janoo and son Kulchoo. In her world view, being khandanni, khaata peeta (rich) and being good looking is virtue. Her stupidity and shallowness often baffles people around her including her oxford-educated Janoo (who she calls 'oxen' for this reason). Butterfly is not malicious, just superficial. Moni Mohsin's accomplishment lies not in creating an entertaining dimwit character but the fact that she is able... more to comment about crucial political issues that are happening in the country through the eyes of this character. She is able to call out cruelty of fundamentalists, hypocrisy of Pak politicians. There are a couple of digs at Imran Khan for supporting Taliban. A queer coincidence is that the day I finished reading this book, Taliban slaughtered 132 kids and world was baying for Imran's blood (only for a day tho).Between you, me and four walls, I toh loved this book ki pucho hi mat. ;) (As Moni Mohsin would say.)
review 2: Trust Butterfly to say anything and everything that is wrong with the Pakistan we live in - keeping it sarcastic, funny, honest and yet disturbing!!Her journey this time around revolves around the Pakistani elections, rising Talibanism, Salman Taseer's murder and the Malala factor ... All wrapped around the fluff, the madness and the insanity of unreal our lives in Pakistan ... Enjoy the rants!! less
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Moni Mohsin is brilliant! Seriously funny business!
same as the first book. disappointed
A light fun read :)
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