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Volání Krve (2014)

by Nancy Gideon(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: The story of Max and Cee Cee continues with this book and keeps this reader wanting more.Unlike the previous books, this was more relaxed in terms of action and intrigue. What it did provide is another window to the relationship between the two main characters. Nothing has change to "ease" the volatile relationship between Max and Cee Cee, in fact the doubts and fears most "normal" relationships go through is magnified ten times more than the norm. Max remains the head of a criminal empire and the leader of a Shifter Clan. He's a man who continues to be tormented with secrets and memories of the past - a history he will need to uncover to get a better understanding to protect those he loves. Cee Cee has her own doubts and fears. She's a tough New Orleans cop who's life... more is dedicated to protect the innocent of her town. There's only one person that can make her bend all the rules - the man she loves, Max. In this story, Cee Cee is faced with the realities of life being the woman/mate of a well known criminal. As much as they try to keep their lives "separate" from their "job", they cannot avoid crossing each other's path.The story begins with a crime committed against a female teen found dead - the second in months. The latest victim recently found is a missing girl who worked at a well know strip club. As much as insisting on separating work lives, Cee Cee gets Max to find out what happened to the young victim. In the mean time, additional stories get intertwined trying to solve the murders, in which the lead characters spend time apart, giving them time to analyze their relationship.I enjoyed the angst in this story. Yes, some can be repetitious when they question "why" and "how" they can be together with so much difference and obstacles, which is completely realistic in any relationship. I LOVE how Max loves Cee Cee (vice versa) and it is visible in his actions - even his "little" gestures have so many meanings.I would have loved to give this story a full 5 stars, but I thought the crime being solved at the end was lacking.
review 2: Quality is worth 4stars like the previous 3novels but too many unresolved issues. It's not a major cliff-hanger but the threat from a far away land didn't get much closer than I hoped. It's been 4 books but the threat remains unnamed and still a mystery. There have been plenty actions from book 1-3 so it didn't really bother me but in Bound by Moonlight there are still enough action and story going but there's also been a lot of subtle hints of schemes to come. I'm not sure if it's a worth read until Max and Cee Cee get back to the front stage again in book 7 since there's been a change of lead characters in 5&6. less
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I love Max Savoie and fell even more in love this book. Looking forward to the next one!
Love Love Love MAX! Will miss this Alpha male since this is the end of his story.
Oh I so love this series. Brilliant!
This is a fantastic series!
4.5 stars
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