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The Irish Healer (2012)

by Nancy Herriman(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
1936034786 (ISBN13: 9781936034789)
Worthy Publishing
review 1: James is a doctor in need of an assistant. Rachel is an Irish healer who was accused but never convicted of murder. She must leave her beloved Ireland to escape her reputation and earn a living to help her family. Her cousin is a British lady who gives her passage to London and a good word for a position as James' assistant.James has a sad past he doesn't care to share with anyone, and Rachel has to hide her healer past, her accusations, and stay away from patients and medicine.There's an interesting attraction/class distinction between employer and employee.Very intelligent conversations and situations. Recommended.
review 2: I thought this was a good read, unfortunately I just couldn't get into it. I read the first half and only skimmed the last half. Th
... moree medical history included in this book was very interesting. It seemed that by the time that someone needed a doctor, there was very little a doctor could actually do for their patients. I would have appreciated a little more back details on Rachel's trial (a murder trial set in 1830 Ireland could have been very interested). I also was interested in the treatment of the Irish immigrants. I knew that the Irish had been looked down on, but it seemed so awful that everything from sickness, filthy and crimes were blamed on the Irish.I think this book would be good for people who like medical fiction. less
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I loved that this was a clean romance with Christian undertones. It was a fun read.
Quick enjoyable read. Good character development. Would recommend it.
Slower than I thought it would be, but enjoyable.
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