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Your Faith Is Your Fortune (2010)

by Neville Goddard(Favorite Author)
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review 1: In this little book Neville expounds the same valuable truths as usual - imagine your wish fulfilled and you will obtain your desires. I.e. while in a meditative state visualize your desires and feel the feelings you would feel were your desires actually fulfilled.He sees the Bible as "a great psychological drama with all of its characters and actions as the personified qualities and attributes of his own consciousness" and amongst other things interprets Jesus' twelve disciples as representing "the twelve qualities of mind which can be controlled and disciplined by man."If you are not particularly religiously inclined, the frequent references to the Bible may be somewhat offputting. But there is no denying the inherent truth of Neville's message.
review 2: Lov
... moree this book. It is a metaphysical interpretation of the bible. If you are among the ones who believe that there is a silver thread of common spiritual truth among all religions, and you like thinkers who offer these kinds of broader perspectives, you'll like this. Neville offers that the bible was never meant to be taken literally, but instead that it is a symbolic/mystical psychodrama that serves to teach higher universal truths. less
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I've read this book 3 or 4 times now. I really never stop reading it.
Good Reading...Buena lecutara
simply enlightening
A deep perspective
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