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History Of The Rain (2014)

by Niall Williams(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
1408852020 (ISBN13: 9781408852026)
Bloomsbury Publishing
review 1: There are usually two types of books - those about a life and those about Life. This somehow was amazingly both. It blended the beautiful and meandering tale of the life of Ruth Swain with a loving look at life itself. Somehow I feel like everything I could want in a book was in this single book. It was philosophical and historical, mythological and factual. It was multiple love stories rolled into one with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure. I loved how the bond between parents and their children was shown, as well as how the miniscule details of a sibling relationship were shown so accurately that all I could think of was my own brother. It was fascinating to see the Swain and McCarrol family lore and how the same traits are passed down through the generations o... moref these families and through all families. Above all though this was a book for all book lovers. Ruth, her father, and his father's love of books was a center point of the river like story, and as Ruth found her father in his books, I found my own loved ones in this book. It was incredible book not often found. A word of advice to anyone just starting it - don't rush, you'll want to savor this one.
review 2: A grand, if many times sad, novel for those who love books about the power of story, Ireland and the great-books theory of education: this is the funniest sad book I've read since Roddy Doyle's latest THE GUTS. Must be something in Ireland's water (which is a joke you'll get even more if you read HISTORY OF THE RAIN). It does run on one family tragedy too far, but I forgave that after a satisfying ending. less
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A wonderful book. Sharply observed yet mythic in scope. Wish I could give it a 4.5.
I loved this book on audible, I am now going to buy it so I can mark it up.
Rec. Duane
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