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Baby Momma 3 (2014)

by Ni'chelle Genovese(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
1601625820 (ISBN13: 9781601625823)
Urban Books
review 1: Michelle was trying to pick up the pieces after her life literally fell apart following the deaths of Rasheed, Larissa and Keyshawn. She had relocated with the one person she felt she could trust in order to protect her son, Honey’s daughter and herself from any further danger. However, when the ghosts of her past started to resurface yet again, Michelle realized that nothing was what it seemed and her life was still in jeopardy.Baby Momma 3 is the final installment of the Baby Momma trilogy and its purpose is to reveal everyone’s truths and tie up loose ends. I'm a fan of Ni'chelle Genovese's writing, but felt that the action scenes in this installment were too rushed to really enjoy. As something big happened, the scene was cut and the next thought or chapter was int... moreroduced without any expansion on the events that took place. I found myself rereading paragraphs to make sure I didn't miss anything.Genovese is a gifted author, and her ability to write from both a male and female perspective, makes her books believable and unique. All in all, Baby Momma 3 was an entertaining read and I was pleased to find out the fate of the characters I had followed so closely from their introduction in the first installment. Baby Momma 3 certainly answered my questions and satisfied my curiosity. I look forward to seeing what Ni’chelle Genovese has in store for us in the future.RATING: 4 STARSMichelle Cuttino AAMBC Reviewer
review 2: I had not read parts 1 or 2, when I won this from goodreads, nor had I read anything by Ni'chelle Genovese. I think parts of this book would have made a bit more sense if I had read the earlier outings, but all in all in was enjoyable as a stand alone.Ni'Chelle Genovese avoids most of what drives me crazy about a lot of urban fiction authors... she doesn't run on and on about fashion brands like a lot of authors, and there were little to no spelling errors. She did fall prey to having characters come back from the dead, but did actually addressed how silly that can be through one of her characters. I will definitely be reading more by her in the future. less
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Too many typos. This book was all over the place. I've finished it and I'm still confused.
This book got on my nerves at the end it started being too confusing
part 3 was rushed and just way 2 many twists
love it
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