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The Old Man And The Wasteland (2011)

by Nick Cole(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
1257629220 (ISBN13: 9781257629220)
review 1: The beauty of this story lies in its simplicity. This not grand tale of good versus evil in a post apocalyptic world, it is neither a gritty tale of survival, it is a simple tale of an old man out to salvage his reputation as a salvager and what he ends up salvaging. It is so well told that we simply don't care about expectant twists and turns we may have approached this book with. I really recommends it to anyone who needs to spend an evening curled up in their couch with their favorite ebook reader.
review 2: "The Old Man and the Wasteland" was a pleasant surprise for me, as I knew nothing or the author nor had I read any reviews or recommendations when I picked it up. Yes, it bears more than a nominal resemblance to "The Old Man and the Sea", but that is par
... moret of the charm of it. Nick Cole has not only assembled a character, a history, and a storyline here -- bare essentials that you might expect from any published novel -- but he has put them together quite artfully, and the result is an engaging read. I look forward to reading the following two Wasteland books soon! less
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A quiet & startling book. Take the time to read this one. In worthy tradition of The Road.
Couldnt finish it. Quit @ 38%
Try it, you'll like it!
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