Weekend’s end …

We have gone from a “full house” to just one boarder. I don’t worry about the never-static population of pets at the Pet Hostel, as the numbers change daily. It all feeds my soul and helps pay the bills.

In the Facebook interest groups that I belong to for boarding kennel owners and pet groomers, there is often some level of outrage about cancellations and no-shows. While it is respectful for people to inform someone like me of their plans, changes of schedule, and cancellations, I never worry about the kennels not always being full. I treasure every guest for their unique qualities, and some love me more than others do, and surprisingly, most do not seem to mind being here.

Gally and Patch went home earlier today, Maddy too, and Summit just went home. Only Zeus is staying for now.


Our little vacation home was rented out for a few days, and I need to get there to clean that! I believe I will get to that tomorrow. The people said that they thought the house was “sweet” and “awesome”.

Darling little Cinder has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. We want him to remain clean in the house, and not to hump the cats or our legs, so the testicles need to be thrown over the fence. Cinder is almost one year old, but until very recently, one could not palpate the tiny balls; I hated to think of the surgery required to find them. Wouldn’t be worse than a spay, I suppose, but I shuddered at the thought. Now the testes are right under the skin, it seems … out of the inguinal canal but not in a scrotum. I wonder if this uncommon situation is because the dog is inbred (and cryptorchidism is hereditary), but that’s irrelevant … or it will be soon.

So tomorrow is breakfast, trip to vet, work at vacation house, clean kennels, etc.. I am hoping I can pick up our precious dog from the vet tomorrow night, but usually an overnight stay is protocol.

And guess what? It’s our 17th wedding anniversary tomorrow! We will celebrate simply by dining out with Shelly and Adrien.

Hope you are all well as the “New Year” becomes old news. We have already had one elderly friend die, and I wish I had visited Dot more often. She invited me over many times, and I did occasionally get there, always enjoying her company, food and coffee so much. Dot lived to 98 and slipped away quickly and peacefully in the company of the granddaughter that she had raised as a daughter. And nurse Shelly.

Happy Trails, little Dorothy … you will be missed.



Love, Ann

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