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To Romance A Charming Rogue (2009)

by Nicole Jordan(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
0345510100 (ISBN13: 9780345510105)
Ballantine Books
Courtship Wars
review 1: Ez az egyik kedvencem, Nicole Jordan könyvei között. Valahogy jobban szeretem ezt mint a Loring nővérek könyveit, azok is jók, de ez és a Váratlan választás jobban tetszik. A Damon név nekem mindig egy sötét, titkokkal teli férfit, jelent, és bár itt is vannak titkok, de itt Damon egy szikrázó egyéniség, emiatt nőtt a szívemhez. Nagyon összefüggő mondatokat nem tudok írni, de szerintem a lényeg benne van. Szeretem ezt a sorozatot, és ez a könyv az egyik kedvencem belőle.
review 2: I read the first 3 books in the series years ago and was pleased to recently find that the series continued. Book #4 is Eleanor's book and I was curious about her story since she's called off 2 engagements when other women at that time were fighting for
... more proposals. Damon comes off as a rogue as most of the male leads are in this series but we learn early on that all is not as it appears. Damon & Eleanor's relationship is volatile mostly because they are fighting what they feel for each other. In addition to their relationship, Eleanor is busy trying to woo an Italian prince who is being attacked in subtle but dangerous ways. By the end of the story, no one is as they appeared in the beginning of the book and it made for an even more enjoyable read. less
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the plot is nicely written.
Both characters sucked.
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