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Nomad Kind Of Love (2014)

by Nicole Snow(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
Ice Lips Press
Prairie Devils MC
review 1: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let me start with saying that I love MC series and I've also read the first one (Outlaw Kind of Love)in this series which doesn't have to be read but is well worth the read!I loved this story. June is the kind of girl who has been through trouble and has had a tough life and does what is needed to survive. Not scared but it takes a while to break her down.Aaron is just her type of man and all alpha!!! It is tough at first but Aaron ends up breaking her down enough to let him in. He is the kind that gets what he wants and is also the President of the Nomads.I love June and Aaron's story. This story also includes hot sex scenes and you won't be able to put this one ... moredown.
review 2: This is definitely more gritty and darker than Outlaw. It starts with June and Clara-twin sisters who have witnessed yet survived parents being murdered by the Grizzlies MC . Both sisters are held captive, forced to do whatever the club wants. June begins dancing at a strip club, Clara is smoking weed and drinking to numb the pain of her losses. When June tries to escape, she and sister get caught. Clara is tortured &raped while June has to watch. Enter Maverick/Aaron,Nomad president of Prairie Devils. He comes to the strip club June works at and in a deal with the Grizzlies gets to take June. June thinks she just going to another MC where she fears for her life and safety. Plagued with guilt over her sister, she starts taking drugs to sleep and suppress her nightmares. Maverick chose her at that strip club because he felt so,etching for her. He saw the sorrow in her face and wanted to help. He had to help his sister Aimee get off drugs and get her life on track. He wants to avoid June getting caught up in the same thing. He gives June a job-managing his strip club. She gets focused and Maverick's attraction and attention helps June heal. They hook up and Maverick knows he wants her as his old lady, but he and June have unfinished business with Grizzlies. June is able to avenge her sister and becomes Maverick's old lady. I would love to read Blaze(Maverick's half brother) and even Tank's HEA, both were great secondary characters. less
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Maverick & June are a great couple! Plenty if hot scenes, and action! Good quick read
DNF. Didn't connect with characters and found it a bit gritty for my taste.
Too violent - could not finish
Typical biker book. Good read.
love it
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