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Scandal In Seattle (2013)

by Nicole Williams(Favorite Author)
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Nicole Williams
Great Exploitations
review 1: “The once a cheater, always a cheater proverb was true most of the time.”Ok, so I really liked Mischief in Miami (the first in the Great Exploitations series) back when I read it months ago. I loved the idea and the plot. It’s so different and grabbed me right from the start. And now, Scandal in Seattle is even BETTER!! It ended WAY too soon, but it left me so damn anxious for the next installment in this series. My heart is racing from that ending. Can Eve do it?!? That is the only thought in my mind right now. She has so much riding on this “Errand.”“One day, I will live a simple life where routine and normalcy are the agenda of my day. One day, change will be the exception, not the standard.”Eve is a busy, busy lady in this short read. It’s a tough life... more when you are constantly on the go, setting up low life cheating bastards!! And boy does she deal with a doozy in this one. And on top of that, she is dealing with the past, present, and future all at once. I am so anxious to know if she can pull it all off! Can you hear the excitement in my review?!? Lol!! And the addition of Henry Callahan has me very interested in where things are headed. I definitely don’t see this being an easy “Errand” for her…in more ways than one.This very short part in the Great Exploitations series is a definite must read. It is beautifully written, flows great, and leaves me with so many unanswered questions that are going to drive me insane until I read the next part :)*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*
review 2: Another short story that left me reeling! What can I say about this series? I. am. a. fan. Book one introduced us to Eve and this secret society, but this book dived a little deeper into who she was. Into her past. If you read book one, then you know Eve got the Errand of her dreams. She gets to actually focus her revenge on the guy that ruined her for other men. The guy that hurt her. Henry. I hate to say it, but he seems kind of charming. I'm not sure if he can be redeemed or not. What he did was pretty awful, but part of me wonders if there's more to the story...? I'm not really expecting a happily ever after with this series. I'm not really sure what we're going to get because it's so different and unique...I know these stories are short, but I think it's the perfect style for this kind of story. It sort of reads like a TV Series. I feel like I'm watching the season finale every time I pick it up. You get some of your answers, but it also leaves you with so many questions that you can't wait for the next season. I kind of thought that Eve would focus solely on her Errand with Henry in this book, but she still does other Errands!! ha! This series is seriously fascinating to me. I'm reading book 3 very soon, but I hear that it leaves off with another cliffhanger so I'm trying to wait a little closer to book 4's release. The good news about this series is that each installment is released 2-3 months apart, so there is no crazy wait. If you want a quick read that is a different flavor from all the other romance novels we read, I HIGHLY recommend this series. It's just so cool! less
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I enjoyed this, but it was short.
Just as fun as the first.
Que salga ya el próximo!
short but sweet
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