Book Publication Day!

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As you know, I like to read and I often receive books through NetGalley before they’re published. I thought that I should really help those authors out and do something to celebrate the day that their book is released for sale.


Book Publication Day!

Today (6th June 2017) is the publication day of…

Cougar Bait (Cougarville #2) by Evalgeline Anderson.

I really did enjoy this book; it was good. It ticked many of my boxes; our heroine was an independent and intelligent woman, our hero was an alpha male with a big heart and the plot itself had a mystery/thriller element, action in the form of great fight scenes, passionate sex scenes and oodles of romance of course.

I’d recommend the book to older readers (if it was a film it would be rated 15 or 18 due to the sex and violence) who are fans of paranormal romances with a bit of darkness and erotica where the romantic couple’s journey to a happy ever after ending is fraught with obstacles, danger and personal growth. It’s sort of similar to Stephanie Rowe’s Order of the Blade series but less is made of our romantic couple having a specific soul-mate that they have an unwavering desire/need to join with.

You can read my full review here.


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