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Planet Middle School (2011)

by Nikki Grimes(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1599902842 (ISBN13: 9781599902845)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
review 1: i like how it showed her changing constantly throughout the book. i didn't like the ending because she could have elaborated more.this book talks about how a girl goes through middle school, and how a lot of things change in middle school. she and her best "boy" friend start to get in arguments because joylin develops a crush on another boy named santiago. towards the end, she realizes that she could have got him if she was being herself. in the end her best "boy" friend get hit by a car and is in the hospital. they apologize to each other and everything goers back to normal.
review 2: Planet Middle School was an interesting book. I can kind of relate to it a little bit. It wasn't my favorite book ever but there were parts that I did really enjoy. The topic p
... moreeaked my interest because I'm in Middle School and twelve years old and also love to play basketball! The main character is named Joy and she seems to have a pretty normal family life. She has always really been a tomboy as I am too at times! I think Joy probably experiences in the book what most 7th graders experience sometime during the school year! I really like Joy's mom and some of her friends too. They seem like friends I would have as well. She has a really good relationship with her mom which is really important at any age, but maybe especially during middle school. I think you will enjoy and relate to this book if you read it. less
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Enjoyable read in verse. I can see my middle school girls liking this selection.
Very quick read with a good message for middle school girls.
Quick read about growing up.
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