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Words With Wings (2013)

by Nikki Grimes(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
1590789857 (ISBN13: 9781590789858)
review 1: Words with Wings Nikki Grimes was an interesting book about a little girl named Gabriella. This little girl is a daydreamer and that is all she ever does. Her dad and she would daydream about many fun adventures and her mom didn’t like that she would always tell them to stop daydreaming. Their parents eventually split up and Gabby and her mom have to move to a new town and Gabby has to go to a new school and make new friends, which she is nervous about. At her new school she always got in trouble by her teacher because she was constantly getting caught daydreaming and not paying attention in class so she tries absolutely everything to not daydream. One day she succeeded and her teacher noticed and he didn’t really like that so he told her to keep daydreaming but to pay... more attention at the same time. It was an alright kind of book there wasn’t much plot twists or actions in this book so I personally wouldn’t read it again.
review 2: I always enjoy a well-written novel in verse. They almost sound like music - and I guess they are once they get read out aloud. The writing style here matches the story so well - a young girl finding a creative way to deal with her daydreaming. Loved this part: "Some words sit still on the page holding a story steady. Those words never get me into trouble. But other words have wings that wake my daydreams. They fly in, silent as a surprise, tickle my imagination, and carry my thoughts away. I can't help but buckle up for the ride." less
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The daydreamer's brain is fascinating... And props to the great teacher in this book. :)
Loved this beautiful story written in poetic form.
Charming voice, and lovely word choices & images.
It's a competent verse novel. I guess.
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