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Double Pleasure, Double Pain (2003)

by Nikki Rashan(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
1601620527 (ISBN13: 9781601620521)
Urban Books
review 1: I for one read the entire book I just finished it. I can honestly say I really got into the characters and felt Kyla's pain but she definitely should have made an earlier decision and confessed her love to steph. I really wanted them to be together! I hope nikki will someday bring them together again in the near future. I could really feel the love between them it was powerful and passionate. I LOVED THIS BOOK this was one powerful love story...!
review 2: Even though I am not or have never been in Kyla's and Stephanie's exact situation I could totally relate to their thoughts and emotions. This book was very thought provoking and sad for me to read, although the narration by Kyla was hilarious! I don't believe this book was a page turner, but I was interested
... morein what would happen next. I was also a bit frustrated by Tori's character. She is super ignorant and if her image was such a big deal to her then maybe she shouldn't sleep with any man with a pulse. Kyla should have definitely put her in her place. There IS a way to check someone without showing your ass. This novel made me want to pull out my hair during certain parts. Especially because Kyla took so long to figure out what she wanted to do. The ending is definitely a surprise. All in all this book was good but I am not sure that I would recommend it to anyone. I don't want to be harsh and say it was a waste of time because it wasn't completely, but I do wish I would have spent the money I spent on this one something else. less
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a good book although the lead character was very naive
interesting read
Good read
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