Did you receive a call from Contract Advice Bureau?

The most recent entry on our cold caller list is the company Contract Advice Bureau.

This recently detected company – www.contractadvicebureau.co.uk – seems to be offering a timeshare disposal service.

Although it claims by phone to timeshare owners that they operate from Cavell House in Norwich, in fact the website provide us with a very different address, 101 Rose Street, South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3JG, which it is in fact a virtual company address.

Telephone from Contract Advice bureau is 01603 858 730 and email address [email protected]

Although they state on the web they are UK based and registered, so far we have not been able to find this registration with the Companies House in the UK.

On their website which was registered in May 2017, there is no Company Registration number, no Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

As with all cold callers, we always recommend consumers to be careful.

If you receive a cold call, ask for more information and don’t provide any personal details to anybody.

If you have spoken to Contract Advice Bureau from 01603858730 about their services, please let us have your feedback.

You can contact us through the CONTACT FORM


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