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Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide To Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair! (2013)

by Nikki Walton(Favorite Author)
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0062123777 (ISBN13: 9780062123770)
review 1: My sister-in-law bought me this book on Kindle and I am eternally grateful to her for this gift. As a new natural (big chop in Feburary 2013), the book provides a wealth of information. Not only for the newly natural but for anyone thinking of going natural, the transitioner, or someone who has been natural for a while. What I like in particular, is that the information is condensed in one place. There are many, many websites, blogs, and YouTube videos out there with lots of information. However, it is nice to have one central place of reference along with the author's site curlynikki.com. There is information on products you can buy as well as DIY information. Good job, Nikki and thank you for the education on everything related to natural hair.
review 2: (FRO
... moreM JACKET)These days there's a revolution going on. Relaxers are out. Weaves are so yesterday. Tired of damage from expensive chemical treatments and artificial enhancers, women of color are going natural thanks to Nikki Walton of curlynikki.com, the natural hair blogger and online hair therapy expert. In "Better Than Good Hair", this gifted "curl whisperer" educates women on how to transistion from relaxed to completely natural hair, with advice and styles for every length-from Fierce Braid-and-Curls to Fancy Faux Buns. She also counsels those considering the "big chop"-cutting it all off at once to sport a bold and beautiful "teeny weeny afro". Here, too, is essential guidance for parents of mixed-race children dealing with new and unfamiliar hair textures and styles.Combining Walton's expansive knowledge with tips from other experts in the field, "Bettr Than Good Hair" includes:*Product recommendations*Home hair care recipes*Advice for parents on how to manage their children's natural hair*Tips for using henna on gray hair*Guidance on dealing with detractors*Step-by-step illustrated directions for nearly two dozen hairdos, from frohawks to twist-outsFull of indispensable information, as empowering as it is accessible, and with a foreword by actress and comedian Kim Wayans, "Better Than Good Hair" is a must-have natural hair care bible that will help women of all ages and styles achieve their natural beauty. less
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Excellent guide for natural hair. I've been natural for years and it still gave me some new ideas!
none of this information is new or original but she compiled it, so that's helpful.
Great styling tips, just like the blog.
Good guide for women going natural.
looks of good tips
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