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A Kiss To Kill (2010)

by Nina Bruhns(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
0425233839 (ISBN13: 9780425233832)
Berkley Sensation
Passion For Danger
review 1: Freakin' awesome ending to the red-hot "Passion For Danger" trilogy! Left me wanting more, more, MORE!!! (Plea to Nina Bruhns: How about a story featuring SAC Wade Montana or STORM Commander Kurt Bridger? PLEASE?!) As per usual with this series, "A Kiss To Kill" had me torn between turning the pages to find out what happens next and jumping the hubby. (By the way, the hubby thanks you, Ms. Bruhns.) Gonna definitely read this trilogy again and again.
review 2: A great finish to the series and I am gonna miss those guys;) I wasn't overly impressed with the first book but things definitely changed from the second. There are loads of excellent reviews out there and I am feeling a little lazy :) but just wanted to quickly add one thing. Like the second we follo
... morewed 3 different couples in the story and I did feel that the book was a bit 'crowded' and would have been better if each couple (or maybe 2 couple's at a time) had got their own book. I understand that would have been difficult due to the timeline and overall events of the story but each book could have been from the couple's prospective adding new information for the reader as it progressed.Overall I did enjoy the series and will continue to read books by Ms Bruhn. less
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i liked Gina and Gregg...but i LOVED Rebel and Alex
This was my favorite of the series!!
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