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The Wisdom Of The Shire: A Short Guide To A Long And Happy Life (2013)

by Noble Smith(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
1250038294 (ISBN13: 9781250038296)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: I can't believe I gave up reading half-way into a book about hobbits. The low rating is not so much for the points made (with which I have no argument) as for the annoying writing style and the fact that I'm not learning anything new here. That's probably because I've been reading Tolkien for about 40 years and have managed to glean the lessons and virtues of Tolkien's books on my own. This book is for those who, like Bilbo, like to have all their lessons and morals made plain and clear and written down in a separate book for them.
review 2: Noble Smith rocks! This wonderful guide proves that practically all you need to know about how to live a moral, happy, and fulfilling life you can learn from hobbits and other inhabitants of Middle-earth. Smith points ou
... moret the many things that have gone wrong with our lives and our world and then shows us how we can heal the wounds by living more like hobbits. We can replace selfish ambition with selfless service, greed with contentment and simplicity, lust with love, betrayal with faithfulness, despair with hope, fair weather friends with true friends who will remain at our side even if we travel to hell and back. We desperately need all these virtues and the many other ones that hobbits and others illustrate. Let us hearken to and shout out the rallying cry of Smith, "The Shire lives!" like rallying to the Horn Merry blows in the Shire to stir up his fellow hobbits to oust the ruffians. Let us prove we believe in such values the hobbits live and breathe and so transform our world into a culture of life and hope that creates light rather than the one of death and despair that currently enshrouds our planet like the darkness of Mordor. The Shire lives! The Shire lives! less
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This was a fun read and a really fun idea! Definitely will be trying the Soup recipe inside
Lovely and made me want to read LOTR all over again! I am so a hobbit and am not ashamed!
An interesting and thoughtful way of looking at life
4.5 Great advice in this book.
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