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The Foxhole Court (2013)

by Nora Sakavic(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 9
Smashwords Edition
All for the Game
review 1: First, let's get our record straight. This is NOT a romance and the author has not tagged it as one. It's a tale of young adults trying to live and survive in a world that is mostly against them.Neil is on the run from his mob boss of a father and against common sense decides to accept an offer from a Exy team (mix of lacrosse and ice hockey with body contact) and play in college even with and all the exposure that will entail. The whole team is a group of misfits and runaways but they have gained Kevin, one of the stars in the game after he got hurt earlier and that will give the team extra publicity. Something Neil really couldn't afford. Kevin and the goalie, Andrew take immediate dislike to Neil and his summer with them, practicing and trying to get to the required lev... moreel isn't easy. The start of practice season and meeting the rest of the team doesn't help any. They are all more or less insane and Neil's secrets aren't helping. It's really a book about a group of people who really don't want to interact with each other but they are forced to do so in order to play. There are several groups in the team and the dynamics between groups and individuals are the key to this book. It's not pretty and it's over the top unrealistic but in the same time it's really fascinating and there isn't a dull moment in the story. I couldn't stop reading. And I'm totally bummed I don't have time to read the second book straight after. This ended in the middle of the storyline and I want to know what happens next!
review 2: Sakavic does it like this: You'll be shoved into a room and given three juggling balls, then you have to stay in balance as a magnitude seven hit you while they're giving you more balls to juggle with.The way the author makes you remember the characters will have more to do with action and reputation, rather than looks. Not that they use descriptive words here, but there is an abundance of action (it's a sports team after all).I just love the layers and layer and layers of stories and personalities, that are crammed into this book. I wish the book didin't unfold as fast as it did.I enjoyed it. less
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Better than what I thought it would be. I'll buy the 2nd book and see how that goes
I loved both this and the sequel. I can't wait for the third book to be available!
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