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His Grandfather's Watch (2012)

by N.R. Walker(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
Self Published
review 1: 2.5 Stars.Bittersweet.I liked the story between Alex and Callum, it oozes an air of genuine candor. I adore Alex's family, they are marvelous.The story of Billy and Hale is heartbreaking. In spite of knowing beforehand the sad ending of the relationship, the story in general was being nice for me regardless of some incongruent detail, such is the use of condoms in a relation between men in that era, that it seems to me an anachronism. But when at the end Hale changes radically his perspective of his marriage and Maria, that really disappointed me. Nothing in all the story offers elements to think that Hale will finally find his identity like a bisexual man instead of a gay man. Not only that, all that scaffolding seemed me a self-indulgent ending to soften the edges of the... more pain that provokes the outcome of the relation between Billy and Hale (I was reading all that part when I rode a taxi and the taxi driver looked at me for the rear-view mirror even getting to ask me if I felt good, because I was crying almost openly)It would have seemed more credible and consistent to me with the era, the location and the portrait of the characters as such, that Maria and Hale would have had a long friendship-marriage.. At no time I could believe which, as the story says, Hale be loving Maria in the same way that he had loved Billy. A true sorrow, because that subtracted a lot of the story of the past.Otherwise it is well-written (Duh, is N.R. Walker), the tension and the emotional moments are all very well accomplished.In a final assessment, while the story of the present deserves 3 stars, the balance of the story of the past throws barely 2 stars. From there the 2,5 stars that I give it on average.
review 2: I really loved this short but sweet story. This novel stars Alex Harper and Callum Winters. Alex works at an antique shop and his specialty are watches. He knows everything about them. One slow day, Callum walks in with his Grandfather’s watch. This is the moment where the story takes off. I loved Alex. He was sweet, sensitive and had the best family ever. Callum was the bomb for me. He was a little shy since he was still not comfortable parading his sexuality around. Both main characters somehow helped and balanced each other off. The story behind Callum’s watch was tragic and sad. Callum’s grandfather (Hale) was in love with another young man named Billy. When Billy’s father caught them in a compromising situation, he forced Billy to enroll in the army and Hale to marry Bill’s younger sister, Mary. When Billy dies, Hale is forced to move on with only his memory and his new wife. I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read a sweet little story about two couples, generations apart. less
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Beautiful, Beautiful....Beautiful....Sigh
This was a beautiful short story.
Sweet read and free.
Very touching
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