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Taxes And TARDIS (2012)

by N.R. Walker(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
1614955891 (ISBN13: 9781614955894)
Silver Publishing
review 1: When Brent's accountant becomes ill she refers him to Logan. Brent shows up to Logan's office with his very disorganized shoe box of receipts to get his taxes done. Brent is a big jock type, but becomes tongue tied around Logan. Logan is a total geek and can't understand why Brent is interested in him. This was a sweet and steamy story. Very low angst. It was well written and flowed well, the characters were cute together, but I didn't connect with them. I guess sometimes that just happens. It's not the authors fault I didn't have a connection with the characters. I would still highly recommend this book
review 2: 3.5 StarsThis was an enjoyable short book. If it was longer I probably would have rated it higher. Brent and Logan were both extremely sweet and I fe
... morell in love with each character. I think my favorite character though was Brent's roommate.Now, please do not get out the tourches and picks but I had no idea what a TARDIS was. Yes, I've heard of Doctor Who, but have never seen an episode. It was a cute way to bring these two together. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice, sweet, romantic read. less
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Cute, angst free and funny. Just what I needed. Plus, Doctor Who and Torchwood, loved it :)
Ahhhhh, what a lovely, sweet and fluffy story. Smiled the whole way through :)
Another sweet & short from my beloved N.R. Walker.
[3.5 stars]
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