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Sense Of Place (2014)

by N.R. Walker(Favorite Author)
4.59 of 5 Votes: 3
1781849544 (ISBN13: 9781781849545)
Totally Bound
Thomas Elkin
review 1: light reading,thats my first comment. the couple are too impossible to be happened. i might get jealous if it came to be real in my life!i remember watching Pretty Woman, when Elkin supposed to be the Pierce's character and... Copper.. well, he's a real brilliant architect here. so, he's not a street hooker. but, just... it reminds me of that movie in... "slash" way. the 3rd book was even better than before. ah, that's because their relationship is even better and better. if youre looking for some light reading with super easy words. well, just go, read it!
review 2: Okay, I admit, this part was the sweetest ever. Sure, I had some issues with Cooper's behaviour in last two books, but than I didn't see Cooper behaviour as part of his characteristics. So that's w
... morehy, today, I finally understood him better. And it's funny, that I got it at the end. It's the truth, when you dislike a character in the story, you are more critical than normally. Anyway, good last part, which I liked best! less
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Great story with a very good ending. I just thought that it was a great romance.
Funny thing is...... Reading this series feels like "Home."
4.5 stars. I don't want them to end.
Amazing, incredible series!!!!
Going to re-read these soon
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