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Ten In The Bin (2013)

by N.R. Walker(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
N.R. Walker
review 1: I just adored this sweet little romance. Macca was about the sweetest MC I've come across in a long time and not in that "I'm gonna die from sugar shock" kind of way, just in that "I wish this guy was real, so he was mine" kind of way, of course, he wouldn't be interested in me since I'm not a dude, but anyway, a girl can dream, right? I loved the way the relationship developed between Dean and Macca and I thought it was very believable considering how short this book was. Warning: if you're like me and you know nothing about rugby, the beginning description of the game is a bit confusing, but I don't think it takes away from the enjoyment of the story.
review 2: 4.0 StarsI'm desperately trying to ration out N.R. Walker's books ... and I'm failing miserably.
... more I can't help it. As I finish one, I tell myself to pick up something else or I will exhaust my supply of unread NRW's! Inevitably, however, I find myself furiously clicking my one-click buy and downloading my next morsel of NRW goodness!Ten in the Bin is a short, sweet romp about Dean and Macca. Given it's length, you kind of have to expect the insta-l's. Regardless, I enjoyed their story. Bottom line: cute, sweet, and satisfying.P.S. - love the cover. less
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Loved this story just like every other NR Walker story:)
Short, obviously, but still very enjoyable.
Short and very romantic :)
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