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The Dark Monk (2012)

by Oliver Pötzsch(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
0547807686 (ISBN13: 9780547807683)
Mariner Books
The Hangman's Daughter
review 1: I really enjoyed The Hangman's Daughter, but clearly I should have waited before buying all the sequels. I figured they would all be fun, clever mysteries set in a fascinating place and time. Not so much. This one gets three stars only for the interesting glimpse into history. Other than that, this mystery is as generic as it gets. A very Dan Brown-esque tale, the main characters jump from clue to clue in search of a mysterious treasure, all the while beset on all sides by mysterious religious figures and bandits. And if I never read the words, "I should have told someone where I was going" again after they do something completely stupid and get captured by bad guys, it will be too soon.
review 2: It appears that I just can't get enough of Schongau hangman Jako
... moreb Kuisl and friends, as I am resolved that I'll get my hands on a copy of the next book in the series. As far as the story went, there were some elements that felt very tropey, but overall it was very good. I didn't enjoy the translator's or editor's decision to use the word "medicus" as often as they did--or ever--but aside from that small annoyance, it was fun to revisit 17th century Germany! less
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Just as good as the first. More so if you have an interest in medicine or pharmacology.
Not as good as the first, but good enough that I'll continue with the series.
Same stuff, not sure why I keep reading it
love this series!
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