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Eat Like A Dinosaur: Recipe And Guidebook For Gluten-Free Kids (2012)

by Paleo Parents(Favorite Author)
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1936608871 (ISBN13: 9781936608874)
Victory Belt Publishing
review 1: This is a terrific book, packed with creative ways to change your eating habits. It's directed towards those with children, but Paleo eaters of all ages will enjoy the recipes. There are a lot of great ways to incorporate more vegetables into the diet, as well as some some transition recipes for treats like cookies and cupcakes for those who miss the grains. If you'd like to try giving up grains and processed sugar, I'd recommend this book.
review 2: I love this book! I had heard of people who actually sit down and read through a cookbook. I did not understand. I read novels, biographies, non-fiction but cookbooks?! Who sits down and reads through a cookbook? Alas, I have joined the ranks of those who do. I have literally read this cookbook.First of all, the de
... moresign is excellent. It is visually attractive and just "feels good" to look at. The left and right margins are color-coded by chapter/type of food. In the right-hand margin you can tell at a glance if the recipe contains common allergens such as fish, shellfish, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, peanuts and soy. None of the recipes contain the last four. In the left-hand margin are little "post-its." Some have recipe notes already written on them and some are for YOUR personal notes. How awesome is that?! You can write in how the family enjoyed the recipe, if you used any substitutions or plan to try it a different way next time. Fantastic!In addition to the recipes there are a few other sections at the beginning of the book. Elana Amsterdam wrote the forward. Then there is a "key" containing the icons for the various common allergens I mentioned above as well as little hand prints for steps that children may be able to help with. Following this is the Boring Chapter for Parents. Here you will learn the Paleo Parents' story as well as some kitchen tools and foods it is helpful to have on hand. Chapter 2 is the Eat Like a Dinosaur story for kids. It is a great simple story that kids will enjoy whether or not they eat gluten-free or paleo or primal or not. The illustrations by Amanda Gates are just precious!Lastly, there are a several pages at the end, after all the wonderful-looking recipes, that talk about farmers' markets, u-pick farms, resources, indices, etc.Thumbs up to this fantastic book!I must add my own testimonial to my review. *****HAPPINESS*****My 11-yo ds ate a plateful of kale chips at dinner!!!!!(Yes, this event warrants tons of asterisks, exclamation points and all manner of excitement.)He is EXTREMELY picky, has oral sensory issues as well as anxiety issues and has Crohn's Disease (as of fall 2011). The last time he ate a green vegetable was, well, a long time ago! He even helped me prepare them every step of the way: tearing the kale leaves off the stem, adding olive oil and salt, grating the lemon zest.I got YOUR cookbook Eat Like a Dinosaur and he was looking through it yesterday commenting on various recipes (no meat ones, but this will be an agonizingly slow process). Because it was in a book geared to families and children he was able to feel it could be for HIM. Yeah!THANK YOU, STACY & MATT!Editing to add my experience with another recipe.More happiness!Dinner tonight was Spaghetti and Meatballs from Eat Like a Dinosaur. Picky 11-yr-old ds dared not touch it sadly but everyone else, dh and 14 yr-old ds, including myself loved it! This is my new "pasta" (it's spaghetti squash). My 14-yr-old ds asked for 2nds. Then 3rds. Next time I double the recipe. LOL. He also told me this was the best thing I ever made, even better than my regular pasta (which is his favorite thing for me to make him). My heart is happy!Have I raved enough about this book?! less
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This book had some good recipes and good suggestions on how to encourage children to eat Paleo
This book has really helped us weed out the processed foods and allergens from our kids diet.
Fun, informative & a great way to get the kids involved in choosing to eat healthier!
Good cookbook - paleo style food for kids. Didn't make any of the recipes.
Ok, but really the recipes not that kid-friendly
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