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Drought (2011)

by Pam Bachorz(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
1606840169 (ISBN13: 9781606840160)
review 1: This book is about ruby and slaves putting up with Darwin. Darwin is the captain and he is the leader of all of the slaves and he controls what they do, what they eat, and how they live. He is really mean and yell at the slaves telling them to work and serve food or what ever he wants to him and go get water for him. The part that sucks is that the slaves can't eat and if their injured really badly they just have to deal with it. Rudy would love to live a normal life but she can't. Ruby could escape but she can't because if she leaves, her community is condemned to certain death. She is Alone and her secret is that the water is so special because her blood is some how connected to it and it's the one thing that the congregation cannot live with out her. I like the part ho... morew she is so brave with Darwin because he is so scary and mean and she has to put up with his abuse and I don't like how Darwin pushed the slave around and abuses them just because they ask for something when they are working so hard for him.
review 2: Three chapters in, I gave up. I don't like to be smacked immediately with exposition or explanation about how a world came to be, but at the same time- a little background is helpful in a dystopian novel! Who the heck is Otto? Why would he leave his people? Why does his blood help people to live for hundreds of years (and under these living conditions WHY do people WANT to live 200 years???). What is so important about this forest water and why has there been no talk of rebellion after hundreds of years of slavery? Everything felt too aloof and unexplained for me to continue. less
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While this book had good wording and descriptions, its storyline seemed weak.
amazing non stop reading
absolutely amazing
crazy concept
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