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Scornfully Yours (2000)

by Pamela Ann(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: A lot of women can relate to Emma's pain. Fall in love with a star athlete that everyone wants, but he himself has point blank told her he doesn't "do" love or relationships. I can see where Bass would intrigue her since she meets him the day after her break up with Carter. She is immediately attracted to Bass and he to her. However, since she is still in love with Carter, Bass will not even kiss her until he is the only one. After Emma is cast in a movie with Bass, things heat up even more. Off the charts HOT!
review 2: This is one of the stories that you get caught up in. Based in California with the rich and elite twenty something's who are out running around and do whatever they want. So you have to get your mind set on that level, there ar
... moree no limitations and they live like their are no consequences. It starts off with Emma's POV and as she comes to the realization that her relationship with Carter is going nowhere. Knowing he won't ever commit she breaks it off only to go out and meeting her soul mate. Well she is reluctant to accept that. But everything with Bass is perfect they click, but she still feels for Carter and is torn. There are alot of crazy things going on and it reads like a true Hollywood tale. The up and down rollercoaster with Carter was frustrating and his final act showing his true colors was odious. The fact that he kept telling her they weren't through was bordering on stalking but it never was an issue. When Bass had tried to woo Emma and she made it clear she wasn't ready to start another relationship he opens up a revolving door of women. Meanwhile Emma had reluctantly taken back Carter(the rat bastard) after he finally had a mental breakdown and confesses his love for her. Everything is going along swimmingly and Carter had even started to treat her better and tell her he loved her constantly (suspicious), until she had a late period then the real man comes out and what a little weasel he is. Carter shows his true colors and then takes off and after two days go by with no contact she catches him at his best in a little ménage of limbs and bodies. Finally seeing who Carter really was she had written him off but does that tool bag give up, No! He tells her that he will find her when he's ready to commit to her. She should have put some lead in his butt for that threat. As she goes off to Greece to make this erotic movie with Bass whom she isn't even speaking to you wonder what madness is going to happen now. I was a little shocked when I'm reading their big impassioned scene and You think finally and then I turn the page and it's over and I'm like, "What, are you serious?" There were so many questions unanswered, I was shocked it was over because it was just the beginning, of the series that is..... less
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Finished this in one sitting. That was an emotional roller coaster. I'm satisfied but I want more!
WOW! Loved the ending! Can't wait to read the rest of the series!
Great storyline and Hot read!
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