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Murder On The Down Low (2008)

by Pamela Samuels Young(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 1
0981562701 (ISBN13: 9780981562704)
Goldman House Publishing
Vernetta Henderson
review 1: Four Afro-American friends bury their close friend who was infected with AIDS by her boyfriend who never told her he was sick, apparently because he was not aware of it. Special, her cousin, takes it too personally and swears revenge. The other friends, all of them working in the legal system, file a lawsuit against him. At the same time, several prominent Afro-American male start showing up dead. Suspense in every chapter and several unexpected twists. I would have given it four stars but what bothered me is that it takes the issue of AIDS infection among Afro-American wommen too seriously. I sometimes felt I was reading a social defense discourse I never asked for. We all know that it happens so there was no need of so much emphasis on it.
review 2: I receive
... mored this book as a gift after tuning into BAN, hosted by Ella Curry on Blog Talk Radio. Author Pamela Samuels-Young was a guest that night. Even though I did think it was good. I have to say I did find the story very long. I felt I didn't need to know so much about some of the characters. The subject matter was intense and it showed througout in each character and there emotions. It definietly was meant to educate. The book was error free and you could tell the author had done her research and had much knowledge in the legal field as she is an attorney. Would I read more by this author. I say "yes" I would give it another try. less
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This was a great story with a funny surprise love triangle. Well written.
Excellent read, like all books written by Pamela Samuels Young.
Nice read with a surprising twist.
Very good!
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