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For Services Rendered (1991)

by Patricia Kay(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: First. I'm glad I got this book free through book lending dot com. The book is lacking - seriously lacking. First I find it kind of laughable that the author bio says that she teaches writing classes because this book breaks every cardinal rule of writing - too many adverbs, too much telling instead of showing. And way too many glaringly out of place words ( and misused at that). Anathema and incongruous and other words that were clearly looked up in a thesaurus and inserted to sound more literary stick out when the rest of the book doesn't utilize the same vernacular. The story overall is Luke warm. I as a reader had a hard time emotionally connecting to either character because there was not enough concrete details or back story that would make me care about either ch... morearacter ( that's where showing and not telling would help immensely). It was a nice ending that tied up with a pretty now but at that point it was merely just a relief to have soldiered through it. Perhaps the authors later books are better than this one a this is clearly older since fur coats have long been passé and I don't know anyone anymore that owns a VCR.
review 2: Clair and Nick are the two main characters in this typical romantic novel. Clair is hired by Nick to write an article for publication in a leading business magazine. What she doesn't anticipate when she accepts the assignment is that she will become romantically involved with Nick. Nick, on the other hand, is a very successful business man, but has one failure to take credit for in his life--his first marriage was a sham. Easy read and plenty of romance thrown into the plot. less
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Cute love story. I really enjoyed this one.
Good idea, needed to be developed more.
absolutely loved this book
Amazon freebie 5/24
seemed dated.
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