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The Double-Jack Murders (2009)

by Patrick F. McManus(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
143913135X (ISBN13: 9781439131350)
Simon & Schuster
Sheriff Bo Tully
review 1: This was a book club read. Once I started, had to make myself finish. Although a short, easy read it was hard to make myself pick it up after each reading break. Characters flat. Dialog flat. When describing country, wildlife, anything having to do with the outdoors, the writing was fine. But dialog was succinct and humerous for the wrong reasons. Plot was thin. The stereotypical characters and cliche ridden comments were gagging. No desire to visit this series ever, ever, ever again.
review 2: I grew up reading McManus columns in Field and Stream, never realizing at the time that he was actually a "local" and the places and people he was describing, I was recognizing for a good reason! Stopped reading Field and Stream MANY years ago, but have continued to enj
... moreoy anything by Patrick McManus. If you're a fan of Rancid Crabtree and the crazy cast of characters that have filled his columns and short stories forever, I think you'll like Sherriff Bo Tully. McManus is a great story teller -- fun, with an ability to give you a sense of landscape and character that keeps you engaged, and usually laughing. This wasn't his funniest book -- it's a murder mystery, afterall -- but it's still funny, and worth a look. Think Elmore Leonard meets inland PNW, and you're on the right track. less
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Still funny. Still good mystery. Not quite as engaging as the first two, but still fun to read.
...my first Bo Tully ... humorous; interesting characters; small-town Idaho
Witty, fast-paced, clever and varied.
Love me some Pat McManus!
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