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The Tamarack Murders: A Bo Tully Mystery (2013)

by Patrick F. McManus(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 5
1620876345 (ISBN13: 9781620876343)
Skyhorse Publishing
Sheriff Bo Tully
review 1: Book received from BookTrib in summer 2013.This is the first book I have read by Patrick McManus. It was ok. It was very short and it felt like it lacked the procedural stuff that I like in a mystery. I get more of that from a cozy than I did here. There was too much flirting with every woman that comes across Tully's path. Too much trying to be funny with the one-liners... some is ok, but it was constant and somewhat forced at times. The book just didn't feel like the writer had any passion for his subject at all... it was kind of like, "well, it's time to put out another book, so here it is." I'm not in any hurry to pick up any more of McManus's books at this point.
review 2: Having enjoyed the previous Bo Tully books I found myself disappointed with the newe
... morest one. Choppy sentences, over-stated expositions and a lack of freshness--and that's after reading the first two chapters. I hope it gets better. I rated it a three only because McManus has had hits up to now and I'm giving him credit for those gems.UPDATE: there wasn't much improvement, but there were moments where the old Tully style popped up. Definitely, not the best of the batch; on the other hand, still entertaining. less
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I love Patrick McManus, but I feel like this fell short of his usual efforts.
Awesome! Can't wait for the next Bo Tully adventure.
Interesting. Enjoyable. Humorous.
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